Passive Solar Cooling for Homes

Reviewed and Revised on 11/19/2013

Passive solar cooling of homes involves combination of several different techniques to help lower cooling costs of the home in an environmentally friendly manner. The techniques used should depend upon the climate of the region. They could range from natural ventilation through breezes and thermal mass to carefully designed and built roof, windows, window overhangs etc. Such homes are easily able to stay cool and comfortable, during the summertime, without much use of an air

Passive Solar Heating for Homes

Reviewed and Revised on 11/19/2013

A passive solar heating system uses “building components to collect, store, and distribute solar heat gains to reduce the demand for space heating” (NIBS, 2012). It reduces the load on the home heating systems and could even possibly eliminate their need to be installed in the first place, by letting the home to get heated by the natural means.  

The amount of passive solar heating possible (sometimes called the passive solar savings fraction) depends on …

Passive Solar Energy for Homes: Daylighting

Reviewed and revised on 11/15/2013

Natural light can contribute to energy savings inside the home by reducing the need for artificial lighting powered by energy sources. Structures with a long east-west axis and a concentration of windows on the southern exposure receive the maximum benefit from daylight. Windows with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass provide the opportunity for optimum natural lighting while reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss during the winter months.

Recommendations for the amount of southern windows …

Designing Energy Efficient New Homes for a Warm Climate

Reviewed and Revised on 10/25/2013

Designing for the Climate

In warm climate regions such as the Gulf where temperatures are high year round, designing for the climate means designing to reduce heat gain is the first priority. Orientation (direction a home faces) and careful planning of available home space are “free” ways available at the designing stage of new homes which can help to cut energy costs upfront and make a home comfortable and highly functional.


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