How should we insulate the floor of a raised house in a flood zone to avoid moisture problems?

Moisture tends to condense on subfloors that are cooled by air conditioning in summer. Insulation can actually make the problem worse by keeping the subfloor cool. Although research is needed, there are several possible approaches to reduce condensation on the subflooring:
1. Make sure rain drains away from the house on all sides. Your yard should have a 5% slope all around the house.
2. Make sure the ground under the house is higher than surrounding grade.
3. Cover the …

I have mold in my home. How do I get rid of it?

Mold in a home can be a serious problem, and one that deserves your immediate attention. Any problem with mold means there is a moisture problem. In addition to cleaning up the mold, you need to determine source of excess moisture solve the problem.  

Building an energy efficient home or making energy saving home improvements should always be done with a good understanding of moisture and methods to control rain entry,  humidity and hidden condensation.  For more insight into moisture …