Important Things to Consider for Efficient Air Conditioning Systems In New Homes

Reviewed and Revised on 10/30/2013

The size, efficiency, and placement of an air conditioning (AC) system are all important factors that need to be considered when deciding on an efficient AC system in a new home.Equally critical is the air conditioning contractor selected. The operating efficiency of a system relies on proper installation to achieve its performance rating. Keys to obtaining the designed efficiency of a system in the field include: proper sizing of the system for the specific cooling

Tips to Maintaining Energy Efficient Home Electrical Systems

Reviewed and Revised on 01/03/2014

Photo of a home electric meter

Electricity is uniquely unforgiving—even the smallest mistake can cause fire, injury, or death. This article is an introduction to your home’s electrical system, but is by no means inclusive. Contact a licensed electrical contractor for more information about your home’s specific electrical system and what changes, if any, should be made.

Common terms

An amp, short for ampere, measures the amount of electricity moving through a wire. …