Designing Energy Efficient New Homes for a Warm Climate

Reviewed and Revised on 10/25/2013

Designing for the Climate

In warm climate regions such as the Gulf where temperatures are high year round, designing for the climate means designing to reduce heat gain is the first priority. Orientation (direction a home faces) and careful planning of available home space are “free” ways available at the designing stage of new homes which can help to cut energy costs upfront and make a home comfortable and highly functional.


Image of seasonal sun

Passive Solar Design for Homes

 Reviewed and Revised on 11/15/2013

Passive solar design uses the sun’s energy to heat a home in the cold days of the winter, and wind (breezes) to cool a home in the warm days of the summer. You can benefit by incorporating both passive solar heating and cooling in a home design in order to save on energy bills and to reduce the impact of the home on the environment. Passive solar design often doesn’t require the use of mechanical