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Mike is Professor and Housing and Environmental Health Specialist with Montana State University (MSU) Extension Service since 1982. Since 1997, Mike has also served as MSU Extension Family & Consumer Sciences Program Leader.

Mike’s primary responsibility is directing and developing housing education programs and resources for Montana consumers and tribes.  Since 1977, he has been involved with energy-efficient construction and training with the U. S. Department of Energy.  In 1977 he authored one of the first consumer-targeted books dealing with home energy conservation – The Home Energy Primer.  While at West Virginia University (1977-1982), Mike conducted extensive research on the feasibility of passive solar applications for existing homes and developed a passive solar retrofit decision-making model for selecting solar suitability of an existing home site.  To demonstrate energy-efficiency, solar applications and alternative building systems for home retrofit applications, Mike served as Center Director of the WVUTechnology Education Research and Demonstration House from 1980-1982. 

While at Montana State University, Mike has contributed to six books, produced dozens of technical training manuals, research/technical reports, and consumer oriented bulletins and fact sheets dealing with housing and environmental health. Much of Mike’s work has focused on the development of nationally used environmental health training programs. 

In 1992 Mike established the Montana Weatherization Training Center at MSU.  In partnership with the Montana Weatherization Assistance Program, the Center provides comprehensive, hands-on training, technical assistance and certification to contractors dealing with all aspects of weatherization and health and safety.  A unique focus of the Center has been the production of the national weatherization training video series, WxTV – www.WXTVonline.org.   Mike was an initiating partner and co-led for the eXtension Home Energy Community of Practice initiative providing the leadership for content dealing with improving the energy-efficiency of existing homes.

Contact Information

Michael P. “Mike” Vogel, Ph.D.
Professor, Montana State University Extension
102 Taylor Hall, Bozeman, Montana 59717
(406) 994-3451
Email: mvogel@montana.edu

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